Come Now My Beloved (Vocal Score)


Scored for: SATB A Cappella
Level: Easy
Duration: 4 minutes

Other Info:  Come Now My Beloved is a setting of words from a 10th century Latin text, this work is dedicated to Georgia and George on their wedding day in 1998.

Come, come, come, Beloved,
Come love, my love, come.
Come, come, come, Beloved,
Come, come,  Beloved come,

Dearest of all,
Light of my eyes and soul.
Half of my soul,
Dearest, delay not,

Ours love to learn,
Love, learn to love.
Love, I live not without thee love,
Loves hour is come.

Come, come, come, Beloved,
Come now, come now,
Come, come, come, Beloved,
Come, come, Beloved come.

Dearest of all,
Half of my soul, my love.

Additional information


Vocal Score: ISMN 9790570701155
Catalogue Number: TP701155
Pages: 12

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