Heaven in the Moment


Scored for: Vox and Jazz Ensemble
Level: Medium
Duration: 6 mins (approx. depending on length of solos)

Other Info: Beth Halliday and Will Todd's Heaven in the Moment was premiered at the Pizza Express Jazz Club by the Will Todd Ensemble in 2013.

Parts: Vox, Sax, Trpt, Trbn, Piano lead, Bass, Drums



Never Monochrome,
Sepia or rose tinted,
Life is not an airbrushed front cover,
But a real life page turner.
So she said to me:
"You've got to find heaven in the moment"
She said "You've got to find silver in the lining, don't you know"
It's the ray of sunshine between the storm clouds
She said "You've go to find heaven in the moment now"



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