Towers Of The Sun

Music by Will Todd and words by Ben Dunwell
GHS Senior Chamber Choir
Anniversary Players
Will Todd Trio
Conducted by Grayson Jones



"The subject of energy, human energy, the energy of the earth itself, seemed appropriate because it is one of the most important issues of our immediate future." Ben Dunwell  


"Towers Of The Sun is inspired by some of the most dramatic, modern renewable energy installations in the world - the solar tower at San Lucar la Major the geothermal plant at Svartsengi, and the planned wind farm at Pen Y Cymmoed.  The libretto takes us on a whirlwind journey through and around these energy plans - linking us to them, and to the earth, sun and moon which are the sources of their power." Will Todd

The music ebbs and flows between jazzy energy and poetic reflection as the chorus sings of the challenges and visions of the future.  What better group of musicians could premiere such a work than young people: for, in the lines of one of the poems, 'we dream of miracles to make them true


  1. Earth Rise 3'33
  2. Svartseng 3'49
  3. San Lucar La Mayor 4'56
  4. Pen Y Cymoedd 5'44
  5. Moon Rise 4'34
  6. The Dawn 3'55
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