This recording contains three early works by Will Todd

Midwinter (1992) with words by Ben Dunwell
Saxophone Concerto (1991)
Brunel Suite (1994)

Recorded in 1994 with the Brunel Ensemble conducted by Christopher Austin
Ben Waghorn (tenor sax), Jennifer Maybe (sop), Paul Robinson (baritone)

1. Brunel Orchestral Suite:1. Destiny and Demons (4:13)
2. Brunel Orchestral Suite:2. Ellen (4:15)
3. Brunel Orchestral Suite:3. Gossip (2:44)
4. Brunel Orchestral Suite:4. The Death (3:05)
5. Brunel Orchestral Suite:5. Judgement (1:58)

6. Midwinter:1. Prologue (4:12)
7. Midwinter:2. Autumn (3:17)
8. Midwinter:3. Winter (6:51)
9. Midwinter:4. Snow (2:14)
10. Midwinter:5. Love (5:04)
11. Midwinter:6. Birth (3:51)
12. Midwinter:7. Miracle (3:36)
13. Midwinter:8. Epilogue (6:35)

14. Saxophone Concerto:1. Allegro (8:53)
15. Saxophone Concerto:2. Ballad (6:08)
16. Saxophone Concerto:3. Swing (5:30)

What people are saying:

Brunel Suite

"The Brunel Suite is a five movement (17 min) piece of span and epic sweep."

"A medieval gothic air hangs like a chimera over the whole work. These are cold landscapes: the blacks of shadow and night contrast with a snowy-dazzle and the sun coruscating off icy brooks and lakes. There is a risen religious and sensual ecstasy in the sung words 'It was the time of midwinter that our love began and the snow fell' but this is by no means restricted to this track."

Saxophone Concerto
"The sax plays the insinuating lyric singer blazing through a kaleidoscopic multitude of style"

"Recommended warmly and with urgency"

****  Five Stars

Music Web International



Originally recorded for the Nimbus label, this recording is now only available as a digital download.



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