Evensong in Blue

Evensong in Blue

Choir of St Martin-in-the-Fields
The Will Todd Ensemble
Conductor Andrew Earis
St Martin-in-the-Fields label


A celebration of the ancient tradition of Choral Evensong, Evensong in Blue is a distinctive fusion of choral and jazz featuring the Choir of St Martin-in-the-Fields and Will Todd Ensemble. The disc also features new arrangements of favourite hymns Amazing grace, O when the Saints go marching in, Glory to thee my God this night and Give me joy in my heart and new works Bring us, O Lord God and Come down and hold me.


1. Give me Joy in my Heart (4:20)
2. Glory to Thee my God this Night (3:43)
3. Amazing Grace (7:05)
4. Lighting the Way (3:32)

5. Psalm 124 (3:55)
6. Psalm 125 (3:58)
7. Psalm 126 (2:59)

8. Magnificat (5:41)
9. Nunc Dimitis (4:44)
10. Lord's Prayer (3:23)
11. Final Prayers and Collects (4:26)

12. Bring us O Lord God (4:54)
13. O When the Saints (3:45)
14. Come Down and Hold Me (4:39)




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