Sweetness and Badness


Scored for:5 actor singers, piano, violin, cello, clarinet, trumpet, percussion
Duration:1 hour

Other Info: Sweetness and Badness is a one act opera which was commissioned byWelsh National Opera Max in 2006.  With an original story and libretto by Michael Wicherek.  First produced at The Millennium Centre Cardiff on 22 November 2006 by Welsh National Opera, directed by Jonathan Munby, conducted by Stuart Stratford. A tour of seventeen schools and theatres in Wales and England took place between September and December 2006, with a revival tour of nine venues in February and March 2009.

Michael Wicherek writes:

"It is the story of a boy who screams for no apparent reason. A boy with problems of every sort: dysfunctional, disliked, trouble to teachers, an unwanted stat in league tables. This was his last chance. This was the first day at his new school. He had no intention of falling in love with the wrong girl."





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