The City Garden

Scored for: SATB & (chamber orchestra) or  (jazz trio and strings)
Level: Medium
Duration: 50 minutes


Other Info:  The City Garden was commissioned by Salisbury Community Choir in 2013 to mark its 21st birthday.  It was first performed by the Salisbury Community Choir and Orchestra, members of the South Wilts Grammar School A Cappella Choir, and the SAYM Children’s Choir, conducted by Jeremy Backhouse, in Salisbury Cathedral on 12th October 2013.

This 50 minute work was written for SATB choir with chamber orchestra.  A currently unpublished version for jazz trio and strings also exists.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested in this scoring.

The City Garden takes us on a romantic journey through the seasons; different moods, temperatures and weather supply the dramatic light and shade of this work.  The music is immediately appealing and memorable, combining choral, jazz, swing and gospel and is an engaging and fun piece to sing, and this enthusiasm and joy is also shared by the audiences.

Our spiritual life is like a city garden. It endures its seasons, is blessed by nature’s magical renewal, and it evolves its own boundaries with the demands of modernity.

The work is arranged in four movements, one for each season and it starts with Autumn.

Autumn: At the heart of the city two lovers find a garden. It is their sanctuary. As autumn comes the magic fades, and when they lose their way back to the garden gate, they lose their love.

Winter: Parted, the lovers wander in the wilderness of their separate lives. The garden they left behind grows empty and cold as the first winter falls.

Spring: Deep in the earth stirs the promise of spring. It is borne to the lovers on a wild rainstorm, and quickened by a blazing sun.

Summer: As the lovers find their way back to the garden it bursts its walls, and a vibrant summer blossom spreads out over the city.

The work has many interpretations, and was written deliberately to make this possible. At one level it is just a comment on the seasons, at another a reflection on human love, but it could also be interpreted as a deeply religious story.

Inside My Heart is an instantly memorable song taken from Spring Movement, and has been recorded and released as a charity single in aid of the Rainbow Trust by the Salisbury Community Choir.


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Instrumental parts of this work are available to hire.  Please contact us for more information.

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