Mass in Blue (Orchestral Strings version)

Scored for: Soprano soloist, SATB & Jazz trio (sax*)/ (Full band*) /(Strings*)
Level: Medium
Duration: 40 mins




Other Info: Mass in Blue was commissioned in 2003 by Hertfordshire Chorus and written for Will Todd's wife, soprano Bethany Halliday.  Since that time the work has become firmly established in the choral repertoire.  Mass in Blue is an upbeat jazz setting of the latin mass text for soprano soloist and SATB chorus and has various scoring options.

Performance Info: Mass in Blue can be performed with jazz trio with optional saxophone, or twelve-piece big band or in its orchestral string version with jazz trio. Mass in Blue in it's Jazz Trio version is published by Oxford University Press, with full scores and ensemble parts for the Full Band and Orchestral Strings versions available from Tyalgum Press under licence from OUP. The OUP Mass in Blue Vocal Score is compatible with all scorings.

Orchestral Strings Version: 
The Mass in Blue orchestral strings version is currently published by Tyalgum Press.
Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass (orchestra)
Obbligato Trumpet (optional)
Obbligato Sax (optional)
Timpani / percussion (1 player) [3 timpani, tam-tam, susp cym]

Printed music string parts supplied 4,3,2,3,2.

This version is designed to be used in conjunction with the OUP Mass in Blue Vocal Score and the OUP Jazz Trio parts which need to be purchased separately.

Piano* (fully notated, jazz knowledge, improvisation expected)
Bass - upright or elec (fully notated, jazz knowledge, improvisation expected)
Drum Kit (fully notated, jazz knowledge, improvisation expected)

Soprano Solo: fully notated, jazz knowledge and style required
SATB choir

Mass in Blue is recorded on the Signum Classics label in its full band version.


Mass in Blue Audio Learning Tracks
Available to choirs preparing for their forthcoming performance of Mass in Blue.

Mass in Blue Instrumental Backing Track
An instrumental backing track of the Mass in Blue performed by the Will Todd Trio is also available for rehearsal purposes.


"Todd knows what he's doing, and he meets the challenge of writing a convincing jazz setting of the mass, and pulls it off magnificently." This is Derbyshire/ 2011


"...Todd's own Mass in Blue, an upbeat piece that really was uplifting. The choir ... sang with gusto, clearly enjoying the work's soaring lines and rich bluesy harmonies, and Halliday sounded free as a bird. Todd and his players were excellent throughout."  Tom Owen/ Sheffield Telegraph/ 2008

If you would like to enquire about Will Todd, a Mass in Blue soprano soloist, the Will Todd Trio or the Will Todd Ensemble being part of your Mass in Blue performance or if you are interested hosting a Will Todd workshop or singing day to prepare for your choir's forthcoming performance please contact us.

All performances of Mass in Blue will require some level of amplfication.
Download Mass in Blue production requirements


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Vocal Score ISBN 9780193400504
Trio Parts ISBN 9780193404816
String Version Full Score ISMN 9790570700684, Catalogue number TP700684
String Version Instrumental Parts ISMN 9790570700691, Catalogue number TP700691

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