Choral Symphony No.3 (Gala and Gloria)

Scored for: Soprano, mezzo and baritone soli, SATB chorus, orchestra and brass band
Level: Medium
Duration: 25 minutes
Other Info: Will Todd's Choral Symphony No.3 (Gala and Gloria) is scored for soprano, mezzo and baritone soloists, chorus, orchestra and brass band and was commissioned by Durham Choral Society in 2004.  The original Latin text has additional English words by Ben Dunwell and the piece is of 25 minutes duration.

“Perhaps Todd's best work so far. His trademark ominously rumbling orchestrations pressing close upon the choir, giving way to radiant light for rhapsodic vocal solos. But perhaps most impressive, and moving, was the uniformed Riverside Band marching proudly under its banner along the Cathedral's length." Thomas Hall/ The Journal, Newcastle/ 2004



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