Like A Rainbow Shining (SAB)

Scored for: SAB & piano or SATB & piano or SSAA & piano or Unison/SA & piano (optional bass and drums)
Level: Easy
Duration: 3 mins 40

Other Info:  Written for singers, musicians and music directors worldwide during the Covid19 pandemic.  Like A Rainbow Shining is available as a free resource to download.

It is scored for SAB and is also available as an SATB, SSAA and Unison/SA arrangement. Instrumental parts for double bass and soprano sax are compatible with all versions.


SAB Vocal Score ISMN 9790570701438, Catalogue number TP701438
SSAA Vocal Score ISMN 9790570701490, Catalogue number TP701490
Unison/SA Vocal Score ISMN 9790570701445, Catalogue number TP701445
SATB Vocal Score ISMN 9790570701421, Catalogue number TP701421
Instrumental Parts ISMN 9790570701452, Catalogue number TP701452
Instrumental parts: db, ssax


A friend of mine asked recently if I could write a ‘song of hope’. It’s definitely challenging right
now in the middle of 2020 not to feel disconnected, anxious and concerned about the future.
Taking inspiration from the trend of painting rainbows and putting them in windows as a sign of a
hopeful future, Like A Rainbow Shining is a song for singers everywhere to enjoy and perform. I’m
grateful to singers from all over the world who helped make the first virtual choir version of this
song. The sheet music is available as a free download from in Unison/SA, SAB and
SATB arrangements. There is also access to the backing and learning tracks and I encourage
choirs and groups to make their own virtual versions of the song or plan to perform it when you
next get the chance.
Wishing singers, musicians and music directors world-wide all the best and with hope for the
Will Todd April 2020


LIKE A RAINBOW SHINING lyrics by Will Todd

Paint me a rainbow
And hang it at your window
And always remember
Together we are stronger
Together we are kinder
Together we have colours

Friend to a stranger
Remembering our neighbour
And then like a rainbow
Together we are shining
Shining, shining, shining
Like a rainbow we will shine

Though I can’t touch you
I long to see your face again
My heart is in readiness
To clothe you in my love
And then like a rainbow
Together we are shining
We are shining
Together we are shining




Instrumental backing track 

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Guide vocal tracks for SAB version

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