Whisper Him My Name (Vocal Score)


Scored for: SSAATTBB a cappella
Level: Moderate
Duration: 8 minutes

Other Info: Whisper Him My Name was commissioned for Harry Christophers and The Sixteen by the Genesis Foundation and was premiered at Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice in April 2016.

Based on an existing prayer of Saint Joseph, Ben Dunwell's beautifully crafted words are set in three sections. They may be sung separately or as a set of three, and any or all may be introduced or followed by the final 'plainsong' section.

WHISPER HIM MY NAME  - A prayer to St Joseph, Adapted by Ben Dunwell


Sancte loseph,
O loving Joseph, in your arms I see the Father’s only Son.
Whisper Him my name and kiss His head,
For I will come no closer while He sleeps,
But watch with you forever.


Whisper Him my name…
Pray for me, protect me,
Stay with me and hold me.
Whisper Him my name…
Pray for me, that I may do the will of God
This day and forever.
Sancte loseph,
So close before the throne of God,
I place in you my thanks
And prayers to the Father.


Here below in my last hour hear my prayer,
At the hour of my death.
Stay with me.
Stay with me in the hour of my death.
In your arms I see the Father’s only Son:
Sleeping Child,
Child of God.
Whisper Him my name
And kiss His head,
That He may give back my kiss,
And I may feel His kiss at the hour of my death.

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Vocal Score: ISMN 9790570703081
Catalogue Number: TP703081
Pages: 16

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