Tidings (Vocal Score)


Scored for: SATB a cappella
Level: More Challenging
Duration: 5 minutes

Other Info:  Tidings was commissioned by InterOpera in 2013 as part of the Lindisfarne Gospels Festival in the North East of England, with words by Ben Dunwell.  The work was premiered at Durham Cathedral as a prelude to a performance of Will Todd and Ben Dunwell’s oratorio Saint Cuthbert (1996) by the Girl Choristers and Men of Durham Cathedral Choir, conducted by James Lancelot.

Will Todd writes: Tidings has two distinct musical elements.  The first is a tranquil call, heard in the distance.  The music gradually builds as voices respond to the call and interweave.  This music then develops into a more rhythmic ‘carol’ on the phrase ‘Tides of the island carry my tidings far’. Three verses gradually transform to a climax before the voices drift away on the phrase ‘…the beauty of my wings become the day’.

Tidings is featured on the album Lux et Veritas on the Signum Classics label.

Open my wings
The colour of my wings
Light up the sky.

Tides of the island
Carry my tidings far

Fly on my wings
The beat of my wings
Is breath, is life

Tides of the island
Carry my tidings far

Spread out my wings
The beauty of my wings
Become the day

Tides of the island
Carry my tidings far.

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Vocal Score: ISMN 9790570702879
Catalogue Number: TP702879
Pages: 16

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