The Sparkling Heavens (Instrumental Parts)


Scored for: Solo Saxophone, Jazz Trio and String Quartet
Level: Moderate
Duration: 9 minutes

Other Info:  Written for saxophonist Lara James for her album The Glittering Plains on the Signum label.

Will Todd writes:

“Commissioned specially for this album, The Sparkling Heavens is a long winding melody for soprano saxophone with constantly shifting textures in the strings and percussion. The piano has a minimalist figure which repeats throughout the track, with pedal notes adding to the texture as the piece ebbs and flows. It is an evocation of the imagined timelessness of heaven, the beauty and the strength of eternity.”

Additional information


Instrumental Parts : ISMN 9790570702862
Catalogue Number: TP702862
Instrumentation: asax, pno, bass, drms, vn1, vn2, va, cb

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