Take Away My Sorrow


Scored for: SSATB unaccompanied
Duration: 4 minutes
Difficulty: Easy-moderately difficult

Other Info: Take Away My Sorrow​ was commissioned by Simon Fidler in 2018 in memory of his father, Eric Fidler, for Voices Of Hope, the UK’s 2016 Choir of the Year. The words of this poignant carol were written by the composer. Take Away My Sorrow is featured on Voices Of Hope's album A New Christmas.

Description: This tender piece expresses gratitude and awe for the redeeming power of the Christ-child. Replete with rich contrasting harmonies, the changing metre and effective phrasing build anticipation before the piece resolves into serenity.

So many mysteries, so many agonies I do not understand
On this night of stars I await your grace
I await the one who when he shows his face takes away my sorrow
So many troubles, so many struggling, so many bowed in grief.
On this night of faith you will set me free
And I praise the Son who when he smiles at me takes away my sorrow
Take away my sorrow, take away my sorrow, take away my sorrow
On this night of love you have come for me
It is you who through eternity takes away my sorrow

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ISBN: 9780193551794
Published by Oxford University Press

If you are interested in performing Take Away My Sorrow, the vocal score is also available for hire from Oxford University Press. Please contact them directly.

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