New French Song


New French Song has created a whole new repertoire of songs by British composers.

The artists commissioned twenty exceptional British composers, some of whom were well established, others of whom were yet to receive the recognition they deserve. The composers were asked to set French literature of their choice from the past two hundred years. The result is a fascinating rainbow work covering all the major literary movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, overlapping into the twenty-first century – Romanticism, Symbolism, Surrealism, Cubism, Modernism and post-Modernism.

Track Listing:

  1. O'Regan: Sainte
  2. Harrison, S: … issu stellaire … (… born of the stars …)
  3. Todd: Le Pont Mirabeau (The Mirabeau Bridge)
  4. Cowie, E: Les Hiboux (The Owis)
  5. Chilcott: L'enfant dort (The Child is Sleeping)
  6. Casken: Colloque Sentimental (Sentimental Dialogue)
  7. Crane: Tour de France Statistics
  8. Gorb: La Cloche Felee (The Cracked Bell)
  9. Jackson, Gabriel: A le Memoire de Claude Debussy (In Memory of Claude Debussy)
  10. Finnissy: Salomé
  11. Keeling: Artemis
  12. Wood, Hugh: Alicante
  13. Burrell, D: Longtemps ce fut l'ete (That was a Long Summer)
  14. Roe, H: Pourquoi? (Why?)
  15. LeFanu: Billet a Whistler (Letter to Whistler)
  16. Reves de la Bonne Heure (Dreams of the Good Hour)
  17. Bingham, J: Le Jeune Morte (The Young Dead Woman)
  18. Redgate, R: Mirlitonnades (Doggerel verses)
  19. Skempton: Le Pont Mirabeau (The Mirabeau Brigde)
  20. Fitkin, G: Les Aliments Blancs (White Food)

Additional information


Alison Smart (soprano)
Katharine Durran (piano)

Release Date: 2005
Catalogue No: MSVCD92100
Label: Metie

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