Modal Doodles (Vocal Score)


Scored for: Choir and piano
Level: Moderate

Other Info:

Like many choral folk, I enjoy thinking about different ways to warm up and connect with choirs. There are so many great ideas out there and I’m constantly inspired seeing the work of colleagues all over the world. Lots of different approaches, lots of different methods and visions.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve developed and use. My focus has been on using different or less familiar note sets and also introducing some elements of improvisation, which ties in with my own music life as an improviser and composer. I try to create an atmosphere in which it’s OK to try and improvise a phrase or two with our voices and have a fun time trying!

Use the modal explorations in a flexible and creative way as part of your vocal warm-up. In the improvisation complete freedom is encouraged and it's got to be relaxed and fun. Be expressive and happy singing. Will Todd

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Vocal Score: ISMN 9790570701414
Catalogue Number: TP701414
Pages: 12

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