Christus Est Stella


Scored for: SSATB a cappella (with optional organ)
Level: Medium
Duration: 4 mins

Other Info: In Christus Est Stella, Will Todd sets words by the Venerable Bede, which are also found inscribed above Bede's tomb in the Gallilee Chapel of Durham Cathedral. Featuring the original Latin text intertwined with an English translation, the piece is homophonic and by turns ecstatic and calmly contemplative. It is particularly suitable for All Saints, All Souls, and Remembrance Day, as well as for funerals. Christus Est Stella was originally published in the collection Cantica Nova.  Commissioned in 1999 by Durham Singers.  Recorded by the Vasari Singers on the album Mass in Blue and also by Tenebrae on the album Lux et Veritas.

Christus est stella matutina, Alleluia
Qui nocte saeculi transacta, Alleluia
Lucem vitae sanctis promittit, Alleluia;
Et pandit aeternam, Alleluia


Christ is the morning star
who when the night of this world is past
brings to his saints the promise of the light of life
& opens everlasting day.

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ISBN: 9780193369061
Published by Oxford University Press

If you are interested in performing Christus est Stella, the vocal score is also available to hire from Oxford University Press. Please contact them directly.

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