Choral Highlights 2017


Sacred, secular and Christmas choral highlights from Oxford University Press featuring Will Todd’s I Am Changed.

Track Listing:

  1. Bednall: O come, let us sing
  2. Smith: Listen, sweet dove
  3. Archer: A Hymn for St Cecilia
  4. McDowall: Easter Light
  5. Jackson: All shall be Amen
  6. Chilcott: We bless for thee our creation
  7. Skempton: Ave Maria
  8. McDowall: Gloria
  9. McDowall: Bless to me this day
  10. Harlan and Goss: Lauda Anima
  11. Wilberg: Light dawns on a weary world
  12. McDowall: Now is the Time
  13. Helvey: Sweet day, so cool
  14. Hagenberg: The Music of Stillness
  15. Rutter: The Music's Always There With You
  16. Koppin: At Night
  17. Chilcott: A Tree of Song
  18. Quartel: Sing, My Child
  19. Bednall: Alleluya, a new work is come on hand
  20. Chilcott: The Bird of Dawning
  21. Bullard: Shepherds, guarding your flocks
  22. Bullard: A star as bright as day
  23. Jackson: Christmas Eve
  24. Archer: A virgin most pure
  25. Gray: Little babe, born of Mary
  26. Todd: I Am Changed
  27. Berkeley: This Endernight
  28. Smith: Tryste Noel
  29. Chilcott: Cradle Song
  30. Chilcott: The Little Swallow
  31. Quartel: Huron Carol
  32. Chilcott: The midnight of your birth
  33. Chilcott: Kindness

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Various artists

Release Date: 21 May 2018
Label: Oxford University Press Music

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