Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland


Opera Holland Park
Will Todd
Matthew Waldren Conductor
Libretto by Maggie Gottlieb

11-year-old Alice lives in the not terribly exciting town of Grimthorpe. On a boring Wednesday in the summer holidays Alice’s family, wandering around town, gets caught in a downpour. They rush into the nearest shelter, which turns out to be a pet shop – much to Alice’s parents’ delight. Alice is lost in a daydream of exotic holidays… Suddenly she is jolted out of her reverie by one of the animals – a white rabbit – who starts talking to her…

Opera Holland Park’s production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a family opera by composer Will Todd and librettist Maggie Gottlieb, comes to CD for the first time after two critically praised runs in 2013 and 2014.

"4* - ...anyone who has seen the show will find this [disc] a complete delight and many who have not will find it a great introduction." Planet Hugill, July 2015

"4* - Skilfully and more or less seamlessly he blends Broadway ballad..., jazz and blues into an opera that has all the good things about the form with none of the vocal pomposity that children find ridiculous. On record, all the words are crystal clear. The wordplay is tart and taut...and vibrantly delivered by the cast.." AllMusic, July 2015

"...the perfect length for a young audience; moreover, Gottlieb's libretto is literate, funny and not at all condescending...Great fun for young and old; catch it live if you can." Musicweb International, August 2015

"...the cast sing with impeccable diction, the players never drowning out the voices." Arts Desk, August 2015

"The the characters their own musical style and captures the spirit of the book." The Lady, August 2015

"The cast, headed by Fflur Wun as Alice, and orchestra, conducted by Matthew Waldren, put on a good show." Gramophone, August 2015

"Will Todd's Lewis Carroll-inspired opera has proved a huge success both on stage and on disc." BBC Music Magazine, October 2015

"The recorded sound is excellent...a release of many pleasures." Opera Magazine, November 2015


Track Listing

1. Overture

2. Nice Weather for Rabbits

3. Victorian Quartet, “Where Did She Go?”

4. Down the Rabbit Hole

5. Drink Me!

6. Humpty’s New Curriculum

7. An Unsatisfactory Explanation

8. Victorian Quartet, “Pillarcat!”

9. The Wonderland Blues

10. Victorian Quartet, “Teatime!”

11. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

12. The Tea was a Trap!

13. The Queen of Hearts (Off With Their Heads!)

14. Alice Alone

15. I Flew High in My Dreams

16. A White Knight

17. The Lovelorn Duchess

18. Victorian Quartet, “I say!”

19. Rollin’…

20. Love Song with Hats

21. Wonderland Restored

22. It Was All True!

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Opera Holland Park
Will Todd
Matthew Waldren (Conductor)
Maggie Gottlieb (Libretto)

Fflur Wun (Alice)
James Cleverton (Rabbit)
Robert Burt (Dad / Queen of Hearts)
Victoria Simmonds (Mum / Mad Hatter)
Magid El-Bushra (Cheshire Cat)
Keel Watson (Caterpillar)
John Lofthouse (March Hare / White Knight)
Maud Millar (Humpty Dumpty / Duchess)
Rosie Middleton (Brat / Tweedle Dum)
Rosanne Havel (Brat / Tweedle Dee)
Stephanie Bodsworth (Dormouse)
Maud Millar Bottle / Victorian)
Rosie Middleton, Edward Hughes, Henry Grant Kerswell (Victorians)

Release Date: 29/06/2015
Catalogue No: SIGCD420
Label: Signum Classics
Barcode: 635212042021

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