London Jazz Festival 2023

“following in the tradition of sacred jazz explored by Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck” London Jazz News

Will Todd’s ‘Mass in Blue’ at the EFG London Jazz Festival 2023 at John’s Smith Square

Mass In Blue: Composer Will Todd talks about how his blend of jazz and choral music became a surprise international success, now celebrating its 20th anniversary at the EFG London Jazz Festival. Feature by John Bungey:

“I’ve played it many, many times [about 200, he thinks] and never played it the same way twice because it will depend on the acoustic, the size of the choir; lots of factors come into play, which is as it should be in a jazz work where you’re making the performance in the moment, not just in the composition beforehand.”

Will Todd

Mass in Blue

“…A bold blend of jazz rhythm and choral harmony” London Jazz News

Mass in Blue…. has gone round the world. There have been more than 500 performances, an album and praise from audiences and critics for his bold blend of jazz rhythm and choral harmony.

About Will Todd

“Surely the only jazz pianist with four operas to his name” London Jazz News

……..Mass In Blue was premiered to a thinly populated Cambridge Corn Exchange in 2003.

“A very good friend of mine came to the concert, someone who had been to lots of premieres, and I said to him ‘I guarantee this will never be performed again.’ I was absolutely certain.”

Will Todd

Mass in Blue

“Sometimes a musician doesn’t know when he’s got a hit on his hands.” London Jazz News

“It’s wonderful…especially when I think back to that gloomy Cambridge prediction. I feel so blessed to have brought it about because as composers we write lots of pieces but very few enter regular repertoire. The reasons behind that are complex – it’s not just how good a piece of music it is. To have something performed as much as this – I don’t take that lightly.”

Will Todd

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Mass in Blue vocal score

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