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Amici ‘Songs of Peace’

Having performed much of his music in the past, Amici is to continue its collaboration with Will Todd and his jazz trio in the comfortable surroundings of St James’ Church in Taunton. Conducted by Andrew Trewhella.

Featuring Will Todd’s ‘Songs of Peace’ and ‘Lights, Stories, Noise, Dreams, Love and Noodles’.

Songs of Peace‘ is a six movement work – not a conventional Requiem although it contains a Requiem movement and a setting of the Ave Verum Corpus.  It is a piece about love and loss, so it could be appropriate in a memorial context, but in other ways it is a ‘life affirming’ work.

Lights, Noises etc’ is a collaboration between Will and children’s author Michael Rosen.  Described by Michael as “Echoes, memories, pictures and sounds of a city: and the words and music that spring from it all.”  this 25-minute cantata has some intriguing vocal and percussion aspects.   Should be interesting!


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