On Mother’s Day 2019 some of the country’s greatest composers and musicians, including Dame Evelyn Glennie, John Rutter, Will Todd and Debbie Wiseman OBE launched #ShareTheLove – a new campaign by national charity Soundabout to raise awareness of the vital role that music plays in the lives of people with complex learning disabilities.


The composers’ musical messages have been woven by music producer James Hawkins into a brand new composition “Jessica’s Lullaby”, featuring Soundabout’s patron Derek Paravicini on piano.


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About Soundabout

Soundabout uses music to unlock the potential of people with complex needs, and empowers parents, carers and teachers to have the confidence to do the same. Find out more about our community music making and training in schools in care settings.

Jessica’s story

As told by her mum Natalie Greaves.

“Jessica was starved of oxygen at birth and she then developed severe cerebral palsy. We were unsure when she was born how long she would survive for and what her quality of life would be. The first thing that me and her dad Matt noticed was her first response to music – from the start it was a big part of her life. Sound is also an integral part of my relationship with Jessica and we use this to strengthen our deep love and affection for each other. I know that Jessica has huge potential which is why I understand the invaluable work that ‘Soundabout’ does, their passion for helping to unlock the potential of children with complex needs through singing, music and sounds and the difference this can make to a child’s life.”

Jessica came to national attention when her mum Natalie, a paramedic on BBC Ambulance, received a call out to help her.