The Santiago Quartet are recording Will Todd’s Birthday String Quartet on 11th July for their new album Language of the Heart.

Language of the Heart is an indiegogo funded project that has developed lots of exciting facets, one of which is a collaboration with MIND, the mental health charity, for whom they are raising money.

The upcoming CD, Language of the Heart, will feature tracks by Argentinean composer and bandoneonist, Astor Piazzolla, in collaboration with César Olguin.

– Birthday Quartet (Heartbeat/Lovesong/In God My Hope), Will Todd
– Las Cuatro Estaciónes Porteños (The Four Seasons), Ástor Piazzolla
– Milonga del Angel, Ástor Piazzolla
– Anxiety, Ástor Piazzolla
– Oblivión, Ástor Piazzolla
– Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton

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