Choral Symphony No.1 (Midwinter)

Scored for: Large SATB choir, soprano and baritone soli and orchestra
Level: Challenging
Duration: 37 minutes

Other Info:  Will Todd's Choral Symphony No.1 (Midwinter) was Commissioned in 1992 by Queens’ College, Cambridge.  This work is a cantata on the theme of love and winter, contained within a 7 movement symphonic structure.  Libretto by Ben Dunwell. A recording of Midwinter is available on the Tyalgum label recorded by the Brunel Ensemble and conducted by Christopher Austin.

“There is a risen religious and sensual ecstasy in the sung words 'It was the time of midwinter that our love began and the snow fell' but this is by no means restricted to this track. It also resounds through the closing pages of Miracle in which sacred and profane collide in careless abandon. 'Take your hand and lay it on my heart' speaks immediately and accessibly to the listener.”  Rob Barnett/ MusicWeb/ 1999


It was the time of mid winter when love began, the morning of our life.

Clear and frozen, and the ground beneath us sleeping still.

The morning of our life, such was the time our love began.
It was the time of midwinter when love began.


How we remember the warm days
Slipping towards the frost, and the wind chill,
Gathering together all we needed for the winter.

Harvesting provision for the Winter,
Laying deep foundations for our walls against the cold,
Young and old bound together,
Harvesting provision for the Winter.

Once, I remember, how we both grasped at the same fallen branch
Unwittingly, played at tug-of-war, and laughed and laughed.


It is the time of midwinter when daylight grows old, bent and crooked,
Leant heavily on bare crooks of trees.
It is the time of midwinter when daylight fails
And the youngest may shiver to an early grave.
The distant sun may rise in the morning but the child will not.
Winter pinches the belly, pens us about in the smoky rooms.
Many go mad, for no matter what preparation against the cold
There is always the fear of fierce unexpected cold, of the last winter.
It is the time of midwinter when daylight grows old, bent and crooked,
The ground too hard even to dig a grave.
Sick and well, young and old
Sleep together wrapped against the cold season,
Sleep the Winter out, until a childs cry
Or an old man groaning wakes us all,
And we sit, stare at the embers,
Until the sleep returns.


Orchestral Interlude



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