Blessed Art Thou

Scored for: SATB & strings, double harp (or piano)
Level: Challenging
Duration:  3 minutes

Other Info:  Blessed Art Thou was commissioned by Nigel Short for Tenebrae and first performed at the Cadogan Hall with the English Chamber Orchestra in 2013. Original words by Ben Dunwell

Instrumental Parts: 2 hrp/pno, strings

Blessed, blessed art thou,
lessed art thou all.
Blessed, blessed art thou all,
Blessed art thou all.

Blessed art thou for you have come open hearted.
For you have been broken hearted.
Hopes blessed art thou.
Blessed, Blessed art thou all.
Blessed art thou all.

For you have shared kindness and you have spoken words of love,
For you have made courageous choices and you have stayed true to your friends,
For you have taught comfort to children.
For you have slept in the sun and wondered at the moon.
Blessed art thou,
Blessed art thou all.

For you, for you have fallen and you have given.
For all, for all of these,
Blessed art thou for you are the music of angels.
Blessed art thou for you have accepted this age.
Blessed, for you, you are the wisdom of earth.
Blessed art thou all.

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