Among Angels

Scored for: SSAATTBB & double harp or piano
Level: Challenging
Duration: 15 minutes

Other Info: Among Angels was commissioned in 2006 by The Genesis Foundation and their founder John Studzinski CBE, for the world-renowned chamber choir The Sixteen and conductor Harry Christophers. With a libretto by Ben Dunwell, its silken textures for 8 part choir and 2 harps are an evocation of angels in flight.

Instrumental Parts: 2 hrp

It was premiered by The Sixteen in Salzburg and recorded by them for the album Padre Pio Prayer (CD code COR16071).  A further recording of this piece by Tenebrae is available on Call of Wisdom, an album for the Signum Classics label (CD code SIGCD298).


Fear not you the dark.
We carry you on soft wide wings.

Find only joy in the golden heavens
And the shining earth.

Seek out light and bind it to your own light.
Fear not you the dark.
We carry you on soft wide wings.

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